Microsatellites of Viburnum farreri

1st paper out in 2021

Remember Trinity? Sure you do! She did a marvelous job!

In our just-published paper, Trinity developed and deployed molecular markers for fragrant viburnum, Viburnum farreri. This is the first report on SSRs for this ornamental tree, based on de novo sequencing.

We assembled an herbarium and arboretum collection of specimens from this East-Asia native species. Trinity then tested their isolated gDNA using the SSRs we generated based on NGS of cultivar 'Nanum'.

Here, we report those SSRs in an extended primer note. As V. farreri is phylogenetically placed in a yet-uncharacterized clade of this genus, those SSRs will sure help Trinity in her next step. There, she investigates full-throttle the cross-amplification across MANY specis in this genus and actually covers the whole Adoxaceae family.

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