Species diversity of the invasive Callery pear, Pyrus calleryana, part 2 - Fine Scale in SE USA

1st paper out in 2022

So, Shiwani is a rockstar. She was offered a job months before graduated in August 2021. In the meantime, and after graduation, she kept working on the 2nd paper from her MS thesis.

We were fortunate to publish this exciting story in Front Genet Research Topic Genomic basis of adaptations to new environments in expansive and invasive species - a great fit!

Using the previously developed markers, we assessed the diversity and evolutionary history of balanced sampling on both sides of the Appalachian Mountains. Lo and behold, P. calleryana shows the model features of invasive species. High number of alleles (=diversity), high migration rates (=effective spread), and very high mutation rates (=adaptation) were all detected.

Further, we found that the spread to the North of Appalachia was secondary, as the initial invasion happened on the Eastern (=Southern; Atlantic) side of the mountains.

All together - a chilling realization of what we're dealing with. Further developments will follow.