Evolutionary history of Peronospora tabacina, tobacco downy mildew

2nd paper out in 2021

Yours truly is at it again!

In our recent BIG paper (seems there are no others for me...!), we deploy microsatellite markers to analyze global diversity and evolutionary fates of tobacco downy mildew pathogen. This Oomycete was difficult to track down its origin, owing to its obligate character, and despite the economic impacts.

In our just-published paper, we analyze the biggest-yet collection of P. tabacina, coming to some illuminating conclusions. Of course we call for more data to validate our conclusions, but what we present and what we found is already quite a story!

Personally, I consider this paper my best to-date (mind, few more are pending). Yes, it costed me plenty of effort and frustration, and enormous amounts of research to digest the story to this outcome. It is my first publication in the esteemed Phytopathology, and let's hope that there are more to follow!

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