Invited to two Editorial boards

Journal editorial service - another part of scientist's job.

PI a member of Journal Editorial Boards

What a year it was!

On top of everything else that's happened and was outlined so far (and few more details coming), I was fortunate to join two Editorial boards.

The reputable Critical Reviews in Plants Sciences approached me about joining their Board of Editors. In the past, I served as ad-hoc manuscript pre-screen, and advised on several submissions in 2020 alone. Joining this top-rank journal is certainly a mark of distinction.

Another distinction is to be invited to the Founding Editorial Board of a new journal, Ornamental Plant Research. Here, I believe my contributions and help in the last several Horticulture Research annual conferences left a mark. This journal seems very relevant to my current projects, and thus has merit in me joining their ranks. Also, I highly encourage submitting to this ambitious new title!

CritRev OPR