Year summary

What a year!!!

Thank you for the 2020 music!

What a year it was!

In my hitherto career (given, it's still in its baby steps), I never had such a productive year. Yes, working remotely surely helped my productivity. Yes, limiting the meetings and occassional chats made their painful mark on my psyche - but also showed, how much can be actually done without disruptions of all sorts.

So let's start off the list with development of this very website: A major project to document my career's progress. It requires my frequent attention, but makes a great platform to share news and achievements. (also in this category: @LabNowicki)

In 2020, I managed to publish 4 full-scale papers), 2 more are submitted and 2 more are very close to that. Several papers in development ensure that I'm not bored. Perhaps most tellingly, my reads and citations sky-rocketed in 2020 (see pic below).

I was fortunate to push several research grant proposals, and was asked to join a PhD committee. Became an important contributor to Learned Societies and UT-bound activities. Peer-reviewed 38 papers and a BARD research grant proposal (CRAZY!).

Research-wise, we're going strong with several cool projects. On top of that, I've struck international co-operations with colleagues from Europe (more soon). And, we're collaboratively working towards tree genomes (more soon as well).

What's in the red then?

I did not get to much enjoy vacation this year beyond a weekend trip to Michigan (early March, before it hit the fan). I did not get to see my family nor friends. We had to cancel our annual fantasy convention.