Welcome to the EPP-UTK music challenge!

Music helps to maintain the internal balance.
Music is culture. Music is serenity. Music connects people.

We wish to use music to connect to one another in these trying times. Hope you enjoy it! Ideas on the further topics in this challenge are very welcome at mnowicki(at)utk.edu

Rules to observe

  1. Posting for each day takes place between 00:00 AM and 23:59 PM (Memphis time).
  2. Stories that are related to the song/music you post are encouraged.
  3. Likes and comments on the current and past daily topics are also encouraged. Liking and commenting is not limited to each day - let's enjoy the music any time we feel like it!
  4. Please post one (max. two) songs for each day.
  5. Post carefully! If anyone needs to change/remove their song or story, please email me.
  6. Let's keep it clean! This is somewhat work-related activity, and as such we should have the maximum possible fun while keeping it civil. There will be moderation implemented for inappropriate comments/songs.
  7. You can post your song under any name you wish. Can be your actual real-life name, but does not have to be.
  8. Likes (admiration of others) and bringing joy into other peoples' lives is the real price here. We do not anticipate any tangible awards.

Bring your SOs, family, friends, UTK community... The more the merrier!

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